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The Warhawk Baseball Club was established in 1954 and is one of the oldest and most respected program of its kind in the Midwest and because of that tradition and respect, the Warhawk players are a public figure of the program. 

The history includes success in several National Baseball circles such as AAU World Championships and other National Programs and high profile tournaments throughout the Midwest.

Mission Statement


1. To provide an opportunity for players to participate in a highly competitive baseball program.

2. To provide a wholesome and positive FUN experience through athletic competition.

3.To provide teaching instruction and exposure to all phases of baseball skills at a level that will challenge the abilities of each indiviual and provide an oppurtunity for each to excel at their highest potential. 

4.To be successful. To gain an understanding that complete and maximum effort can and will produce some degree of satisfaction, even though the ultimate goal is not always achieved. 

5. To create opportunities to learn about and set goals. To see the worth and importance of hard work, the value of team work, cooperation and to experience the feeling involved in competitive athletics.

6. To present the opportunity that nothing worthwhile comes easy and that self discipline, sacrifice, and diligent preparation can produce worthwhile and satisfying results.

7. To conduct ourselves in a manner that will foster positive friendships with other athletes from opposing teams and be a credit to ourselves and the communities that we represent.

Board Members


CEO- Jim Shields

President- Jimbo Estep

Vice President- Scott Rosshirt

Treasurer- Sheldon Clutter

Secretary- Nikkie Potter

Director of Travel Operations- James Estep


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Warhawk Baseball Club